Up to 50% Off on The Round-Neck T-Shirts Sales Drive

This is a massive promotional sales for these super quality T-shirts that puts up to 50% discount back into your pocket.

These Tees are made up of 100% cotton with the best seams you would imagine in a quality brand of Tees like this one.

What are These T-Shirts Used for?

These Tees can be used for various purposes across multiple occassions and seasons. Besides being worn as “both inner and outer wears” by individuals, there are interesting commercial uses for these awesome t-shirts. Among many other uses see below primary uses:

  1. Companies branding and company’s multi-purpose use
  2. Corporate or organisational branding use
  3. Gift items for groups or family
  4. Individual or personal fashion sense use

The quality is exceptional, built for durability, this is one type of t-shirts you would not want to miss.

How Long Would this Promotion Last?

This promotion would last for couple of days. But as they always say, promotions or massive sales like this one, cannot be guranteed to last that long.

So, the onus is on you, the customer to take advantage of this clearance sales and make your purchase, now while the OFFER Lasts.

How to Purchase

Simply click below to place an Order. Please note that, you will have to select the size you need, color and most importantly, choose the quality thats the gsm between 145, 160 and 180gsm. The gsm determine the price with the least being 145gsm with the starting price of R99.95

For those who doesn’t know, the gsm is the level of the quality of the fabric in mostly, thickness. This means that, 180gsm is the thickest, 160gsm been medium think while 145gsm is next to the 160gsm.

Once we recieve your Order, shipping begins immediately within 24 hours except for Weekends and Public Holidays.

Plain Round-Neck T-shirts
100% Cotton plain color Tees for work and play. Comes in 145gsm, 160gsm and 180gsm
Only While Offer Lasts.

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