Introducing Morgeez Fashion Label

Fashion trend in this new age has taken a much needed spice that combines originality and creative sense into building a personal or organisational fashion stules. And Morgeez has taken the pleasure of stepping into the fray with passion to help contrubite to an ever-growing fashion industry.

What is Morgeez Fashion Label?

The Morgeez Fashion Label is a division of Mor’geez Records cc as the official name for the company been registered in South Africa since 2004 and later registered in Nigeria in 2012 as Morgeez Global Venturs Inc. The fashion division of Morgeez is no stranger to style having been in the music industry and youth development for a longwhile.

For the connectivity and combination of youthful style in music to orginal knowledge of fashion by Mr. Christopher Odiley, (The Founder), no wonder, Morgeez Fashion Label will soon become your favorite fashion shopping store and platform.

What to Expect from Morgeez Fashion Label?

Incosideration of our dealings in music and entertainment industry in general, no wonder, Morgeez Fashion Label’s primary focus will be on bringing the bublinness of youthful life into every segment of our fashion curation and distribution.

How does Morgeez Curates its Fashion for Retailing?

Using our best efforts, Morgeez Fashion Label, diligently scouts high quality fashion products from some of the best manufacturers and distributors worldwide.

Whilst our hopes and furture plan may also include manufacturing from ground-up, in the meantime, we are keen on respectfully outsourcing qualifty garments from quality outlets around the world. Quite frankly, you can trust us with your taste for high quality garments for any occation.

Having learne about us, you can now vsist our store and start shopping. You are humbly welcomed.

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