Pyer Moss Signature Logo Raincoat

The Pyer Moss Logo Raincoat is a closet essential where form meets function. Who would have thought rain coat will ever come out in such a fashionable style that combines opulence and style. Thanks to the creative vision of the Pyer Moss design team that has brought style with a kiss of creativity into every bits of garment they create and produce.

Noteworthy elements of our oversize raincoat include an embroidered logo on back, bungee-style drawstrings at the hood, waist, and wrist, with a lightweight urethane material to keep you 100% dry all season long.

The Pyer Moss Logo Raincoat
The Pyer Moss Signature Logo Raincoat

This 100% thermoplastic piece of garment with concealed two-way front zippers and snap closure. Beyond any doubt, this raincoat that posses the characteristics of both urban, street-style and classy wear which will soon make it a dominant factor in the world of coats.

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