Puma Drops LQD Cell | Bright Colors and Sturdy Streetsyle Fashion Sneakers On July 6

High on layered material and bright on colours, the LQDCELL Omega Manga Cult takes inspiration from organic shapes and layers found in nature, combining them with LQDCELL Technology: soft yet sturdy hexagonal cells for enhanced cushioning and comfort by evolving the original CELL hexagon – making it smaller by using a softer, more resilient material.

PUMA LQDCELL Omega Manga Cult 2019
PUMA LQDCELL Omega Manga Cult

LQDCELL Omega Manga Cult Built with Colors

This version’s unique design is inspired by the colours found in popular manga artwork. Dropping in Rose-Blue Turquoise colourway, the kicks will be available at PUMA Select Stores, and of course right here instore

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